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ESRs, PIs and SAB October 2017, O2 building Amsterdam.

Irish scientist runs the Amsterdam Marathon and lets his nation down.

Pól Mac Sheoínin

All eyes were on Paul Jennings today, 42 from Dublin Ireland, as he took on the 42.2 km on a sunny day in Amsterdam. It was especially relevant as Jennings moved to Amsterdam in July this year. However, he ran a poor race and didn’t even place. 4 hrs 44 mins !!!

I asked him after the race about his extraordinary poor time. He said, “Well I was here to take part this time. It was a nice bright day and a great way to see Amsterdam, my new home”. Quite frankly a shocking comment.

I managed to get some comments from some of his colleagues and so-called friends. Andrew Downes is also from Dublin and a school friend of Jennings. He had a brief flirt with competition running but was ultimately a failure. Andrew said “I am not surprised. He was never much of runner. I think he should give it up now at this stage. Its embarrassing”. Martin Leonard, also a school friend went on the record saying, “Back in day when I was running marathon, we put all our efforts into preparation. Looks like that’s not Paul’s method. Our motto was run it like Moffat”. Moffat is refence to a very famous Glenamaddy man who almost won the London marathon in the 90s. Cormac Murphy a Dubliner and new recruit in the Jennings lab at the VU said, “Usually, I am very proud to be Irish, but today – not so much.”  Maxime Culot from France was also eager to get a statement in “Paul is from Ireland, the same place as Connor McGregor. If McGregor was dead he would be turning in his grave with the “I am here to take part” statement. Grotesque !”.
All and all it’s a sad day for Ireland and I really hope Jennings has more dedication to science and his new in3 project then he does to Marathon running. If he doesn’t we are screwed.


Jennings a few kilometres in, seemingly enjoying the race. Disgraceful !