Welcome Reception & poster session (Monday 8 June 2020, 19h00)
* Supported by the The American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT)

The Welcome Reception will take place at the exhibition area at the congress venue in the Melia Sitges hotel. Alle congress participants are invited to join the reception as well as having a look at the posters and visiting our exhibitors.

Congress Gala Dinner & social evening at the Finca Mas Solers (Wednesday 10 June 2020, 19h30)

Finca Mas Solers is a Catalan mansion in late nineteenth century Renaissance style that, during its golden age, housed the former Gran Casino Barcelona. Now you can relive all that glamour by joining our Congress Gala Dinner in the charming gardens and spaces of the beautifull building!

The Estate Mas Solers is steeped in history and tradition. During the 13th century, the mansion served as a home to Augustinian monks. During the late 19thcentury, it was purchased and remodeled by Manuel Girona, who was a banker. The ownership of the estate was then passed onto Eduard Maristany, also known as the Marques d’Argentera in 1918, who is responsible for expanding and designing Finca Mas Solers into the sophisticated mansion it is today. The Estate Mas Solers is truly a venue steeped in history, because during the Spanish Civil War it was used as a hospital for both civilians and soldiers. However, the estate was returned to the ownership of the Marquis once the war was over. His son inherited the property, and later on it was passed down to his grandson until it was eventually sold to the Gran Casino Barcelona during 1977. The purchase signified the beginning of the best years of the estate as it became famous for being an elegant location. The casino was transferred to Catalan in 1999, and now Finca Mas Solers operates as a stunning venue for all kinds of celebrations.

The Gala dinner will cost € 70,- and will be a truly wonderful experience!