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ESTIV 2016: Safety Assessment in vitro

  • Editors: Herausgeber: Bal-Price, Anna, Jennings, Paul (Eds.)

In Vitro Toxicology Systems brings together important issues and considerations needed in order to develop a workable, reliable, integrated testing strategy for the replacement of animals in toxicity testing regimes.

  • Editors: Vinken, Mathieu, Rogiers, Vera (Eds.)

This volume presents 30 state-of-the-art protocols and reviews to set up and apply primary hepatocyte cultures for research and screening purposes.

  • Editors: Buzanska, Leonora (Ed.)

This book summarizes early pioneering achievements in the field of human neural stem cell (hNSC) research and combines them with the latest advances in stem cell technology, including reprogramming and gene editing.

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