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Pre-conference workshop

Bridging across methods in the biosciences (BeAMs): the opportunity of COVID-19 (organised with JRC)

Using action-based methods, this workshop will explore cross-disciplinarity in the broad arena of toxicology. Attitudes towards it, understandings of it, challenges to accomplishing it, and approaches to overcoming these challenges will be covered. Rather than a series of presentations or a discussion-based workshop, this workshop will consist of a series of activities through which cross-disciplinarity can be concretely exemplified and practical ways of approaching it can emerge.

The CIAO project, for example, is a transdisciplinary collaborative effort to make sense of the tsunami of data being generated on the pathways of Covid19, using the Adverse Outcome Pathways Framework as a tool for knowledge management. Bringing together scientists and practitioners from multiple backgrounds and disciplines, the project has been as interesting for the insights it has brought into the disease pathways of Covid19, as for the way in which it has been an opportunity for seeing bridging across methods in action. The aim of the workshop is to arrive at a better understanding of what individual scientists can do to achieve forms of cross-disciplinarity that genuinely enrich their practice. The team who will facilitate the workshop includes scientists, a sociologist of science, and a creative facilitator.

The programme of the workshop will follow in January. For more information please contact the BeAMs pre-conference organiser, Dr. Sofia BATISTA-LEITE (