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About ESTIV Congresses

ESTIV Congresses
The European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV) organises a congress every 2 years to promote the development of in vitro and in silico approaches. The ESTIV congress aims to create a forum of scientists in a unique atmosphere for discussions and the exchange of knowledge. The objective of the congress is also to promote contact between junior and senior researchers, students, and toxicologists from European companies, governments, and universities involved in the development and use of in vitro and in silico approaches.

Past ESTIV Congresses
1980: Soesterberg, The Netherlands
1982: Hasseludden, Sweden
1984: Urbino, Italy
1986: Crieff, United Kingdom
1988: Schloss Elmau, Germany
1990: Seillac, France
1992: De Haan, Belgium
1994: Karthauseen Ittingen, Switzerland
1996: Papendal, The Netherlands
1998: Sparsholt, United Kingdom
2000: Pueblo Acantilado, Spain
2002: Formia, Italy
2004: Zegrze, Poland
2006: Ostend, Belgium
2008: Stockholm, Sweden
2010: Linz, Austria
2012: Lisbon, Portugal
2014: Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands
2016: Juan-Les-Pins, France
2018: Berlin, Germany
2020: Sitges, Spain (postponed to 2022)
2022: Sitges, Spain
2024: Prague, Czech Republic