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Guidelines for Press/Media

Official Guidelines for Press and Media Registration during ESTIV2024

  1. It is strictly prohibited to produce video recordings of delegates while they are in transit, during breaks, or engaging in similar activities. Capturing overview shots is expressly forbidden.
  2. Recordings and interviews are exclusively permissible with people who commit to an interview, and ONLY in front of their own sponsored booth(s) or their own poster(s). No other participants or booths of other sponsors should be included in the video.
  3. For security reasons, access to the congress is restricted only to registered congress delegates and registered booth crew. Visitor or press badges are not available.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to produce video recordings of oral and poster sessions, nor photograph posters without the consent of the authors.
  5. There will be a strict policy on the above.
  6. During one day of the congress, there will be by the Congress appointed TV crew (RTVS). This personnel will wear a special sign.

Contact the PCO and the congress management for further questions on the congress press/media policies.