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Scientific Programme – Themes

  • Bio-engineering, stem cells and disease models  
  • Models, biomarkers and assays for endocrine disruption  
  • Models, biomarkers and assays for systemic and immune toxicity  
  • Models, biomarkers and assays for developmental toxicity  
  • Cardiotoxicity and cardiac efficacy models 
  • Local toxicity testing (safety and efficacy) 
  • Case studies for successful use and implementation of complex in vitro models 
  • Challenges in cosmetics safety  
  • Organ-on-a-chip & Microphysiological Systems  
  • Regulatory considerations for complex NAMs 
  • Computational toxicology – in silico modelling, read-across, artificial intelligence and machine learning  
  • Toxicokinetics and in vitro – in vivo extrapolation 
  • In vitro systems to assess respiratory toxicity 
  • Non-animal methods for safety testing of biopharmaceuticals/biotherapies/vaccines  
  • Knowledge sharing and education
  • Funding the development, validation and implementation of NAMs 
  • ECHA, EMA and EFSA perspectives on the use of NAMs  
  • In vitro and in silico methods for safety assessment of medical devices  
  • Role of 3R centres in the dissemination and implementation of NAMs  
  • Other