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3 September 2021

ESTIV Poster Award at the 2021 edition of the JRC Summer School has been granted to Sabrina Madiedo-Podvršan . Copy

Congratulations  to the ESTIV Poster Award at the JRC Summer School on the Non-Animal Approaches in Science!

Mrs. Sabrina Madiedo-Podvršan has been selected by the ESTIV Awards committee as the recipient of the 2021 Best Poster Award at the JRC Summer School in recognition of her outstanding poster presentation of a project leading to the development of the new in vitro lung/liver device for risk assessment of inhaled xenobiotics. Congratulations!

About the JRC Summer School and the ESTIV Poster Award

The JRC Summer School is specifically tailored for post-graduate students (e.g. master and Ph.D. students) and early-career scientists (max. 4 years after master) working in the biosciences and will focus on non-animal methods and technologies and the opportunities and challenges associated with their application in various fields such as regulatory toxicology and biomedical research. More information on the JRC Summer School can be found here:

The ESTIV Best Poster Award at the 2021 JRC Summer School includes:

  • A prize of 500€.
  • An award certificate.
  • The announcement in ESTIV social media and ESTIV web

Selection criteria:

  • Applicants should be members of ESTIV. The membership application can be sought before sending the requested files.
  • The relevance of the current area of study or job to in vitro/in silico toxicology
  • Clarity and relevance of the motivation letter
  • Scientific quality of the poster abstract
  • Priority will be given to applicants who did not receive a grant or award from ESTIV in the past 3 years

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