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8 June 2022

NURA Sessions – DyNAMic Discussions: The Future is Already Here

Join the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) Use for Regulatory Applications (NURA) Friday, June 24 at 10:00-11:30am EDT for the second session of DyNAMic Discussions: The Future is Already Here, Integrated Approaches for Testing and Assessment (IATA): NAM-based safety assessment frameworks. Please see below for futher information.

All materials from the first session, including the presenter’s slides, the webinar recording, and supplementary publications are now available through the DyNAMic Discussions learning portal. To view the full series agenda and register for upcoming sessions, please visit


New Approach Methodology (NAM) Use for Regulatory Application (NURA) is a continuing education program designed to provide professionals in the field of toxicology with specialized resources and basic hands-on training in new approach methodologies.

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