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25 November 2021

Anne Marie Vinggaard is the recipient of the 3R award of the Danish 3R centre for the year 2021!

Rie Vinggaard is the recipient of Denmark’s 3R Center’s 3R award for the year 2021. The award was presented to Rie in recognition of her strong focus on using experimental animal-free models in her research. Sincere congratulations from the whole ESTIV!

Rie Vinggard and chairman of the board of Denmark’s 3R-Center Axel Kornerup Hansen (photo: Kim Granli). Source:

Rie Vinggaard is a professor of molecular toxicology at the DTU Food Institute, where she has for many years dealt with the effects of endocrine disruptors on unborn children. In this connection – in collaboration with mathematicians and statisticians – she has played an important role in the development of computer models, which can contribute to the prediction of a large number of endocrine disruptors’ problematic effects and at the same time make a large number of experimental animals unnecessary.

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