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ESTIV Early Career Network

Promoting opportunities for Early Career (EC) scientists is pivotal for advancing any field, including in vitro and in silico toxicology.

In line with this perspective, ESTIV is actively highlighting the role of EC scientists.

As an ESTIV EC researcher, you will gain access to:

  • Networking opportunities,
  • Career development resources,
  • Discounted conference registration fees,
  • Avenues for collaboration and mentorship.

Will your voice be heard by the ESTIV board?

Absolutely! ESTIV is committed to supporting and involving EC members in decision-making processes. In a recent move to strengthen this commitment, ESTIV has welcomed more EC scientists to join the board and serve as representatives.

EC toxicologists from around the globe are warmly invited to join the ESTIV society.
Link to registration:

Are interested in ESTIV Early Career activities?

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ESTIV Early Carreer Network representatives: Mohamed Fathi Abdallah Abdelmohsen, Andreas Stucki, Bambou Tan, Benoit Maisonneuve

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