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25 March 2020

WC 11 re-opens abstract submission until March 31, 2020

As a reflection of the current COVID-19 epidemy and overall situation in Spain, ESTIV Board has decided to postpone the ESTIV Congress in Barcelona-Sitges to 2021 ( As an immediate follow-up activity, ESTIV board approached the organisers of the 11 World Congress on Alternatives in Maastricht and asked for support in the situation in re-opening of the Abstract submission process to allow the transfer of the abstracts from ESTIV 2020 to WC11.

The response of the WC11 organisers was immediate and positive and we are pleased that everyone who would like to resubmit abstracts from ESTIV 2020 Congress to the WC 11, that takes place in Maastricht in August 2020, has an opportunity to do so until March 31, 2020.

We thank the organisers of the WC11 for the solidarity and support of the in vitro and in silico community in these difficult times.

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