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8 February 2022

JRC Report: Addressing evidence needs in chemicals policy and regulation

Carusi, A., Wittwehr, C. and Whelan, M.,

Effective regulation of chemicals is crucial for health, the environment and commerce. While there is agreement on the need for effective evidence-based policy, how to achieve this is not straightforward. The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) calls for the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base on chemicals, with the aim of improving the availability of chemical data and creating a more effective science-policy interface. This comes at a time when the field of regulatory toxicology is undergoing profound changes with respect to methods and approaches for generating evidence.This report addresses these important aspects of chemicals regulation for current and future needs. Findings and recommendations are based on empirical research facilitated through extensive engagement with key stakeholder groups in chemicals regulation, in industry and governance, analysing their perceptions of the main challenges of chemicals regulation and the main obstacles to the acceptance of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs). A focus of this work has been on optimal approaches to knowledge management to reach sufficient shared understanding for consensus about core issues, which includes the aim of bridging between different scientific methods, approaches and forms of data and evidence.


Carusi, A., Wittwehr, C. and Whelan, M., Addressing evidence needs in chemicals policy and regulation, EUR 30941 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2022, ISBN 978-92-76-45889-0, doi:10.2760/9130, JRC126724.Publications Office of the European UnionJRC126724978-92-76-45889-01831-9424EUR 30941 EN , OP KJ-NA-30941-EN-N


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